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An experienced sound engineer with over 10 years of experience. I provide services designing, deploying, optimising and operating sound systems of all sizes. I have toured all over the world, working in and designing systems for venues of all sizes from small bars and clubs to stadiums.

I am an accomplished monitor engineer with experience mixing for wedges and in-ear systems with very demanding acts, both on tour and at festivals and one-off shows.

I am an experienced stage tech and have patched many large multi-band setups at festivals and on tours.

I have a full Cat C (LGV) driver's licence and experience working in and managing warehouses.

D&B audiotechnik

I am an accomplished D&B systems engineer and have used their entire range of speakers.

I have extensive experience designing systems with arraycalc and using R1 for operation.


I am a qualified K systems tech for K1, K2 and kara systems. I have lots of experience using Soundvision and LA manager.

I have designed and deployed Vdosc and DV dosc systems.


Extensive experience setting up and operating Avid venue systems, Digico SD series, Yamaha desks and Midas Pro series consoles, Trained on SSL Live platform

I have integrated Pro-Tools and Nuendo rigs for multi track recording and 'virtual soundcheck' facility with these

System tuning

I own a Full acoustic analysis and control rig with wireless measurement mic, running SMAART 7 and Tuning capture.

I have completed the D&B Sound system optimisation seminar, and use the techniques taught in this course to optimise sound systems

RF Co-ordination

I have co-ordinated large multi channel wireless setups of Shure and Sennheiser wireless mics and IEM systems all over the world, fitting the show's requirements in with local laws and circumstances.

I own a winradio RF scanner and was a contributer to the Shure wireless workbench 6 beta program.


I have extensive experience setting up complicated multi-channel partyline setups using Clearcom and Telex/RTS systems, along with configuring of motorola radio systems.

I also have some experience setting up, programming and using Telex Adam and Zeus communications matrices.


A non-exhaustive list of major projects and highlights of my career.

about my work process

To me, the client is always right, even when they are wrong! I am happy to adapt my work process to meet the needs of my client


Safety first

I am very safety conscious, and have a good knowlege of current best practice for safe rigging and power systems. If I see something unsafe, I will take action, as I believe safety is paramount.

I own and use my own PPE equipment. I carry £5 million in Public liability insurance from Arthur Doodson along with worldwide travel insurance (I can provide certificate on request)


Failure is not an Option

In live events, failure is not an option, the show must happen no matter what.

I therefore try to ensure that redundancy systems and contingency plans are in place to cover failures so that any failure can be quickly overcome


talking about work

I am a true audio Geek and I love what I do. I do enjoy talking about all things related to audio - speakers, mixing desks, cables etc..

I am quite active on a number of online forums and Facebook groups discussing Audio related matters

I am also aware that I do not know everything, and enjoy learning about new equipment and techniques.


Before I start a tour, I advance as thoroughly as possible. Finding out, and documenting as much information as possible about the people, venues etc. With more information, the more thorough the Preparation can be.


I like to prep my own gigs. I also believe in the moto 'fail to prepare, prepare to fail'. I like to personally ensure that I know the system is setup, working with adequate labelling before it gets loaded onto the truck at the warehouse


I work hard from the start of the job until it is complete. I am quite prepared to work the 18 hour days that this job demands.


I take pride in the fact that I have almost always received great positive feedback from past clients, generally with the promise of future work. Any negative feedback, I try to use as places for improvment.


My general approach to Trouble-shooting problems is to use Ocham's razor, the principle that the most likely explanation is the correct one. I.e. look for the most simple cause of a fault first.

I carry a comprehensive set of diagnostic tools that help me to quickly trouble-shoot and isolate problems.

Check out my latest work

Here are some example photos from recent Major projects


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